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Meet ABCDemocracy Team

The ABCDemocracy project team is made up of entities from different European countries that help create synergies between different realities: Spain, Italy and Cyprus.

Asociación Moviéndote

MOVIENDOTE leads this initiative. We are a non-profit association from Getxo, created in 2012 by individuals interested in promoting citizen participation in all spheres of social and cultural scopes. In Asociación Moviendote we work to contribute to the improvement of our lifestyle, working and promoting innovative and participatory programs. Moviéndote activities focus on four main areas: sensitizing and awareness raising actions, mainly focused on adults and vulnerable collectives (prevention of violence -including gender and bullying, healthy habits, sports); volunteering activities (environment protection, intergenerational programmes, cultural activities); events and networking activities; training and educational programes. We work to promote a sense of responsibility about our own environment, and encouraging and supporting people to take action in the different areas of society.

C.I.P Citizens In Power

C.I.P Citizens In Power has established a long and lively tradition in the design and implementation of an abundance of learning mobilities and transnational training activities, being held in Cyprus and abroad, with the participation of multicultural groups of young people, youth workers and trainers. They discern education as a driver for societal change and advancement, aiming towards the following targets: enhancement of social inclusion of marginalized groups and augmented social cohesion; development of both basic and advanced skills and competences; improvement of employability chances; sensitization of the public and cultivation of awareness towards sensitive issues, and; provision of tools to shape individuals into responsible and active citizens.

TDM 2000 International

TDM 2000 International is an independent non-profit umbrella organization, born in 2008, whose aim is to foster cooperation through the institution of an extensive European network of well-established youth NGOs. Currently, we count 23 members in 21 countries. Each member contributes to a broad spectrum of experience in creating, evolving, and implementing innovative educational projects in Europe and overseas. The NGO is run by volunteers and professionals from different backgrounds, and excels in training and coaching, project management, intercultural communication, fundraising and advocacy, lobbying, and policy-making, especially at the international level.