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Welcome to our podcast series exploring the essence of democracy and active citizenship within the European Union. Join us as we delve into thought-provoking conversations with individuals from various backgrounds, shedding light on the core principles and dynamics of democratic governance.

Episode 1
What does democracy mean?

Through a dialogue between Giovanni and Eleni, the episode unpacks the essence and core tenets of democracy, shedding light on its significance and the values it upholds in our communities.

Episode 2
How does democracy work?

Giovanni and Eleni engage in a conversation that peels back the layers of democracy, touching on themes like the social contract, constitutional roles, electoral systems, political dynamics, and civic engagement.

Giovanni and Ana dissect the impact of democracy on individuals, spotlighting human rights, the freedom to express oneself, and the pivotal role citizens play in shaping the democratic landscape.

Episode 4

The episode discusses youth participation in democracy, introducing active citizenship and various tools like voting, youth councils, and digital platforms. It also explores participatory techniques such as videos and photovoice.

Episode 5
European Union

Embarking on a journey through the European Union, three Erasmus students in Brussels offer insights into its rich history, institutional framework, and the diverse opportunities it presents to its citizens.