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Learn more about ABCDemocracy project


  • To enhance the basic democratic knowledge of young vulnerable Europeans.

  • To sensibilize them to the democratic and European values.

  • To strengthen young people´s democratic participation and autonomy and consequently to motivate them to take an active role in the political and decision-making processes.

  • To improve the equal access to everyday decisions for all young person´s.

  • To provide youth-friendly and comprehensive information about democracy and it´s values.

  • To offer interesting, attractive and inclusive lessons.

  • To involve different European countries, sharing experiences, networks and resources.

  • To provide a basic democratic learning packages in form of an online toolkit.

Project result - The TOOLKIT

Production activities are divided into three different stages, each one relating one of the toolkit sections:


Video-testimonies from relevant personalities from each country because of their experience, active role in political or civic actions for the promotion of EU democracy and tolerance values. They are interviewed to explain one aspect of basic democratic knowledge and share their insights about what democracy means to them.


The podcast reflect different democreacy-related topics in simple language to give answer to questions, such as What does democracy mean? What influence do elections have? How does our political system work? What are European and democratic values?

Online Escape Room

The knowledge acquired through the toolkit is consolidated in an active and playful way. The Escape Room focus is on teaching democratic values. Inmersed in a fictional story that reflects a future scenario, young people have to solve riddles related to political knowledge so they are able to "escape" successfully.